We Build High Performing Teams

We Create Cultures of Excellence

The Corps Group is a Training and Consulting company made up of former military fighter pilots and officers, who leverage their training and experience to help companies accelerate performance via sound strategies, leadership development and team engagement. Focus, discipline and accountability are core tenants of what we do. The Corps Group delivers a comprehensive solution to business challenges by helping organizations create an environment that fosters learning and the development of disciplines to ensure long-term success by focusing on these organizational and departmental areas.

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Strategic Alignment

Learn how to prioritize tasks, think strategically, and align your team using the Prometheus methodology.

Execution Improvement

We convert teams into high performing ones by inspiring change and enhancing execution capabilities.

Leadership Development

We develop high performing leaders that create value for organizations, in less time, using fewer resources.

The Corps Performance Model

The Corps Group's teaching methodology revolves around four key principles, focused on helping corporate teams achieve better results by improving their ability to fulfill task requirements and strategically executie objectives.

Corps Group Preformance Model