Corporate Keynote Seminar Program
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Competitive Advantage
As former US military combat aviation leaders, we were all members of an organization with a distinct culture. We share the same lessons that allowed us to succeed in situations that demanded uncompromising precision, world-renowned teamwork, and peak performance to build highly competitive corporate teams.
Corporate Keynote Seminar Program
The Business Battlefield
We coach, mentor, and inspire corporate teams to become battle-ready machines through a series of keynote seminars, team building exercises, and professional workshops based on the same principles, methodologies, and disciplines that allowed us to dominate while operating in unforgiving and hostile environments.
Corporate Keynote Seminar Program
Of Excellence
In air combat, there are no second chances and failure is not an option.
By instilling this very same mindset, we train corporate teams
to think strategically, plan effectively, and calculate risks and opportunities
proactively – thereby driving top performance and cultivating a
corporate culture of excellence.
Corporate Keynote Seminar Program
Success Toolkit
Join our monthly business success toolkit webinar: 782Gear. During this free 30 - 45 minute webinar, we share valueable insights and methodologies to improve productivity, increase performance, and lead more effectively. Click below to sign up!

High Impact, Performance Driven Consulting We Build High Performing Teams & Cultures of Excellence

The Corps Group is a Training and Consulting company made up of former military fighter pilots and officers, who leverage their training and experience to help companies accelerate performance via sound strategies, leadership development and team engagement. Focus, discipline and accountability are core tenants of what we do. The Corps Group delivers a comprehensive solution to business challenges by helping organizations create an environment that fosters learning and the development of disciplines to ensure long-term success by focusing on these organizational and departmental areas.

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Keynote Seminars

60 to 90 minute, high-impact, multi-media keynote seminars that inspire peak performance and cultures of excellence.

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Team Building Programs

Learn the lessons that allowed us to succeed in situations that demanded precision, teamwork, peak performance.

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Professional Training

Through disciplined planning and preparation, we increase value by helping corporations identify and minimize risk.

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Business Consulting

Learn the same processes and methodologies fighter pilots use to execute challenging missions successfully.

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